Hello! My name is Pao P. Lee and I’m from Green Bay, Wisconsin. I have been following the crypto space for 7 years. I think Decentralized Finance (DeFi) cryptocurrency along with Blockchain technology is the future in the global economy.  As a society, we need to change and adapt to it. 

I am proud of the DeFi crypto community, trying to move away from the SWIFT banking system. I want to be a part of the Defi space by connecting people, entrepreneurs, skilled individuals, and businesses.

Together, anything is possible. All it takes is an idea, and with that idea is the belief in yourself that it can be possible. I believe the power is to the people and they deserve to keep their hard earn “crypto”. That is why I want to develop the YezFire (YEZ) coin to be used as a cryptocurrency for an upcoming social network, powered by the people. 

Many of you might have experienced rug-pulls, honey-pots, and so forth. I have too and it’s a shame that people would do it to others.

You have my “HUMANITARIAN GUARANTEE”  that I will be fair, honest, and transparent!  I will perform according to my Smart Contract and do my best to make this project become a reality! Thank you for your time and your belief in me! Peace be with you!

Pao P. Lee

Owner, YezFire Blockchain, LLC