Who are We?

We will be a new upcoming 3.0 Blockchain media business and private social network. Our YezFire (YEZ) coin will be the default or primary Defi cryptocurrency used within our network.

Telegram: https://t.me/yezfirenetwork (Network Group)

Telegram: https://t.me/yezfire (Chat Group)

BUSINESS Social Network

3.0 Social Network on The Cardano Blockchain 

PRIVATE Social Network

Regular Marketplace
NFT Marketplace
Crypto Wallet 

P2E Games

Frequently Asked Questions

What blockchain will be the social network be developed under and why?

It will be under the Cardano blockchain technology.  Cardano, the third-generation network is designed to be more effective and the best alternative for the Proof-of-Stake networks.  It is designed to reduce energy consumption and also being cost-effective by eliminating the hash power or the computing resources usually used in the Proof-of-Stake network.  

Cardano aims at solving three main problems, which are: scalability, interoperability, and sustainability.  The ecosystem restores the trust in global systems creating a more secure, transparent, and sustainable base for individuals to perform transactions and exchanges, for systems to govern, and for the enterprises to grow. 

How many total YEZ coins are there in beginning?

A total of 350,000,000,000 (350B) coins.

Why was YEZ developed under a different network?

Initially, the social network was going be developed using the BSC technology, but after the development of the Yezfire coin smart contract that decision was changed to the Cardano blockchain technology.

Name of the crypto coin?

Yezfire (YEZ) on the BSC Network.

Business Social Account Users?
  • Free to sign up
  • Be the default search and default display on the “search bar” and “search result page”
  • Entrepreneurs, professionals, skilled individuals can post their work and services to the public for bids or sales
  • Have full access to NFT Market place
  • Able to create/manage groups and networks
Private Social Account Users?
  • Free to sign up
  • Will automatically be blocked on the “search bar” and will not be displayed on “search results”
  • There will be a “special button” for users to allow their profiles to be publicly searched
  • Users must “check” a box on next to the search bar in order to search for “private users, who chose to have their profile be displayed”
  • Able to create/manage groups and networks
  • Able to sell on Market Place (profile must be in public mode to sell, bid or auction)
  • Unable to sell on NFT Marketplace
NFT Marketplace?
  • There will be a full NFT Marketplace for Business Users to use.

    • Auction
    • Bid
    • Sell
    • Showcase
    • Interaction with customers
P2E Games?

Play to Earn games will use the YEZ coin for transactions.